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7/10/2020 11:17:40 PM

The 33 Dumbest Things That Have Ever Happened

1. This astute observation:This astute observation:

2. And this one too:

And this one too:

3. CJ’s mystery:

CJ`s mystery:

4. This tragedy:

This tragedy:

5. Peter’s total lack of geographical knowledge:

Peter`s total lack of geographical knowledge:

6. This future scientist’s discovery:

This future scientist`s discovery:

7. Robby’s night at the “hospitel:”

Robby`s night at the  hospitel:

8. Becky’s stunning revelation:

Becky`s stunning revelation:

9. Liquorice’s important question:

Liquorice`s important question:

10. Jack’s best friend’s emergency:

Jack`s best friend`s emergency:

11. This brilliant question:

This brilliant question:

12. Chervon’s devastating realization:

Chervon`s devastating realization:

13. And this too:

And this too:

14. This hard truth:

This hard truth:

15. J’s burning question:

J`s burning question:

16. Olivia’s job hunt:

Olivia`s job hunt:

17. This person’s TMI family announcement:

This person`s TMI family announcement:

18. Kevin’s question:

Kevin`s question:

19. Emily’s complete lack of deduction skills:

Emily`s complete lack of deduction skills:

20. Brooke’s vacation:

Brooke`s vacation:

21. These poor souls’ new cologne line:

These poor souls` new cologne line:

22. This poor soul’s final update:

This poor soul`s final update:

23. This question:

This question:

24. This girl’s sad, sad fate:

This girl`s sad, sad fate:

25. This question:

This question:

26. These acute observations:

These acute observations:

27. This:


28. This question-and-answer sesh:

This question and answer sesh:

29. This person’s complete lack of world knowledge:

This person`s complete lack of world knowledge:

30. This declaration of happyness:

This declaration of happyness:

31. This person’s lunch:

This person`s lunch:

32. This loaf’s sad statement:

This loaf`s sad statement:

33. And this academic discourse:

And this academic discourse:

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