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9/15/2019 10:37:43 AM

The True Beauty Of Thousands Of Birds In Flight

When birds migrate and take to the sky, they are both in harmony with nature and each other. These sometimes giant flocks, move together as one, often in different formations like a giant cloud.

The phenomenon is known as ‘Murmuration’. Director Neels Castillon actually filmed one, almost by accident adding that

We were shooting for a commercial, waiting for an helicopter flying into the sunset, when thousands and thousands of birds came and made this incredible dance in the sky. It was amazing, we just forgot our job and started this little piece of poetry.


It’s that same synchronized sense of wonder that visual artist Alain Delorme has been re-creating. Using his trusty camera and literally thousands of plastic bags, he’s able to create his own interpretation of numerous bird formations.

French photographer Alain Delorme Bird Ballet

Photographer Alain Delorme Bird Ballet 2

Photographer Alain Delorme Bird Ballet 3

Photographer Alain Delorme Bird Ballet 4

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