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12/10/2018 4:59:38 AM

Winter new arrivals for all pretty Asian girls

The Style has made new skirt from artifical fur and polyester, soft and sweet for girls, express ferminine when wearing it, it has 3 colors dark Beige, violet and white, easy to take care, just dry clean, price is avaible at most online Asian shops, random from $30 to $40 



This is from Mod Look "Catch me if you love me", cuty for girls in parties and walking on the street, 70% from Polyester 30% Rayon, available in 2 colors: Black, Light Pink, price is suitable for most girls, only $50


Dot ribben tank dress made 70% arclylic and 30% wool,  only $45 for a crazy club and light party


The next style is from El Style brand, made from artifical fur, available in black and Ivory, jacket is $80, dress is $40, check out more on El style  


Cool girl wardrope has 10% off for this pretty coat, availabe at most shop only $96, and two color Pick and Ivory


Dont think that girls can not wear short in winter, Menique has come out a new product for winter, warm enough with shock inside , made of wool Blend, it totally fashionale and only $40, you can find it in most shops



Not teen enough, check out this style, I love girls in this style, comfotable, cute and adorable  . Made by Start.MIMI, you will find it only $40


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