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11/16/2018 8:05:49 AM

Custom Ariel Square Four wooden car reaches eBay

Car is always an interesting topic to everyone because almost everybody needs it. But an usual car is so much normal nowadays to you guys. Today, I would like to show you a new creation, Wooden Car. Find more shots of the wooden beauty in those pictures below



Wooden creations are catching every geek’s fancy. You gonna be introduced to the Top wooden creations you would love to spend your money on and, now all those who just love the smell of wood need to go to eBay as a custom Ariel-powered wooden car is up for grabs. This home-built wooden hotrod is an upshot of brainchild of a West Coast boat builder.




The car was originally built in 1959 and boasts a rare 1952 Ariel Square Four motorcycle engine, a four-cylinder 1000cc engine that produces 42 HP. Weighing in at a mere 750 lbs, the nice looking wooden car features an independent suspension from a Citroen, single wheel drive, a Renault steering box, and an assortment of pieces of brightwork from a Cadillac. This custom hotrod is truly a work of automotive art.


The current bid sits at $22,456 and if you are more than impatient to buy it, the wooden car has a Buy-it-Now price of $29,000 only. wow, not really expensive for a luxury and accient car huh! It is now beating on Ebay market, in the next couple of month, we will see wooden car show on the street, that`s freaky cool    




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