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11/19/2018 10:12:14 AM

Motoman Humanoid Robot Cooks Okonomiyaki with Manual Precision


Want a fancy cooking robot to help you roll out a gourmet treat this Christmas? As you know, the world now has some of the finest humanoid robots including the Chinese AIC-AI cooking robot that is capable of making Sichuan, Shandong and Canton cuisines along with thousands of Chinese dishes.

Hey and what about the Japanese food-lover multi-talented Motoman SDA10 from Yaskawa Electric is a perfect robot-servant which can grill okonomiyaki with manual precision. When done with grilling the dish, Motoman even puts it on a plate, and applies condiments. Designed to operate independently alongside humans in the workplace, the 135-centimeter (4.5 ft) tall, 220-kilogram (480 lb) industrial robot has 15 joints — 7 in each arm and one in the torso — allowing a wide range of motion for the job, whether it be on the factory floor or behind the kitchen counter. The robot is on display at the International Next-Generation Robot Fair now underway in Osaka. The company reported a sales plan: 1,200 units/year for 2008, 2,400 units/year for 2009, 3,000 units/year for 2010 or after. Really cool huh!! 

Check-out video below:-



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