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8/25/2019 6:45:01 PM

Versace edition Murciélago LP640 Roadster by Lamborghini- Italian Love

If you are a car lover and a fan of Italian`s cars, here ya go I show you one more dangerous Lamborghini with partnership: Versace, very sexy, tasteful and macho 

Lamborghini have cooperated with Versace by producing a Versace edition Murciélago LP640 Roadster. The Lamborghini Versace edition Murciélago LP640 Roadster is very familiar with the previous Versace edition Murciélago LP640 but is of course a roadster and features the signature Versace Greek Key motif on the front bumper and the lower part of the doors. The interior is black and white nappa leather and also features the Greek Key Motif embossed into the seats, dont worry, I will let ya see 2 sexy men 





To create the new super roadster, the Maison Versace’s designers joined forces with designers from the Lamborghini Design Centre (Centro Stile)and specialists working on the “ad personam” project. This Lamborghini program allows individual clients to create personalised sports cars, choosing the equipment specification, the colour of the exterior body and of the interior fittings


The new limited edition Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 Roadster VERSACE, which will be produced to order, displays a pastel white livery and the Versace Greek key motif on the lower part of the door. Equipped for the very first time with a transparent engine hood that reveals the powerful V12 engine, this model has been reconfigured internally. The cradle seats are clad in black and white leather, while opulent full grain soft nappa leather – hand-embroidered with the Versace Greek fret motif - upholsters the instrument panel, the doors and the central console.





One more Lamborghini Versace edition Murciélago LP640






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