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10/18/2018 5:49:04 AM

The Self Portraits of the Amazing Levitating Girl! (10 pics)

Natsumi Hayashi is a photographer living in Tokyo, Japan with her two cats. She photographs mainly levitating self portraits (and cats not levitating).

Here are some of her amazing levitating self-portraits:

img bc b afb efa b f b a b c fa  sxf4 jpg

img ff de a a f d fe eb ff  sxf8 jpg

img b bcfd d ad f e eabf dd f a  sxfr jpg

img ab e dc dc a a a c c f ae f  sxfw jpg

img e eeed b bc f f  sxfn jpg

img ad ef ab bcaa cf d dca b fd  sxfm jpg

img ccbab d d a fd af afbfd aec  sxfk jpg

img f b e d d bf dc b  sxfj jpg

img c e ff a a a c a b d fa  sxfi jpg

img faefe f b bbf df ebac a c  sxfp jpg

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