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7/11/2020 9:31:14 PM

10 Unfortunate Product Names Lost In Translation

These product names have pretty unfortunate translations. Starting your day off with a morning “latte” takes on new meaning in Germany.

While not widely used, “lumia” is the Spanish equivalent of prostitute in some dialects. Oops!

Nokia Lumia

The official translation of “fresca” in Spanish is fresh (makes sense), but in Mexico the term is also slang for lesbian. Luckily for Coca-Cola, sales weren’t greatly affected.


Now you can feel even more ridiculous when talking to your phone.


Pizza Hut claims that they were aware of this association, and also created an add involving the phrase “whoa, those things are huge!”

Pizza Hut P`Zone

The word also means “butt” in Indonesian and Malay.


Gerber also ran into trouble when trying to market their product in Africa. Due to low literacy rates, many African products feature pictures of what’s inside the package (see baby logo above).

Gerber Baby Food

No wonder everyone avoids using Bing like the plague


Nothing like a latte in the morning to start your day off right!

Starbuck`s Latte

At least both appeal to the target demographic. Sega changed the pronunciation of it’s brand to “See-ga” in Italian speaking regions in order to avoid further confusion


Schweppes ran an ad campaign in Italy encouraging people to try their “toilet water.” At least they were being honest.

Tonic Water

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