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8/5/2020 8:28:23 AM

Christmas Lights Has Another Purpose (15 pics)

Shouting too all those couples out there! Here is another idea to do with your partners for your lovey dovey pictures right now (I think its a thing right now).

Who thought this was a good idea? Holiday lights kill at least 9 people a year .

They`re also responsible for $9 billion in property damage a year .

Even that typewriter is keeping a safe distance, just in case.

 Know what we should wear? Holiday light head wreaths!   Awesome idea, babe!  Famous last words.

Nothing accentuates a puka shell necklace like a string of lights. Oh, and the possibility of frying like a turkey.

SHIRTLESS? That is just tempting fate.

I don`t know what I dislike more? The danger of fire or that knit sweater.

 I love you, girl. But I love putting your life at risk by wrapping you in danger more.

 Come. Join us. We won`t hurt you. We promise.  — Christmas Lights

Ugh. Make it stop. That carpet isn`t flame retardant.

OK, I like that sweater. Just a shame it will probably catch fire.

Wait. Are those lit candles behind them? DO YOU EVEN HAVE FIRE INSURANCE?

That bun is about to be engulfed in flames in 3... 2... 1...

 C`mon. Put the lights around your neck.   No. You already made me wear these antlers.

Every time a couple wraps themselves in holiday lights, an angel gets his wings singed.

But seriously, it`s dangerous so be careful or find another creative idea to do.

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