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10/19/2019 2:45:05 AM

Chinese Man Got Terrible Racist Jokes On Holland`s Got Talent. And you thought America was racist!

Holland’s Got Talent judge Gordon Heuckeroth has come in for criticism after making a series of racist slurs on Chinese contestant Xiao Wang.
The singer-turned-reality judge chose to focus on Mr Xiao’s ethnicity rather than his operatic voice, asking him: ‘Which number are you singing, number 39 with rice?’ to groans from the crowd.
Heuckeroth kept up the cheap gags, later opting for the old confusion of L’s and R’s cliche when he said the performer’s voice was a ‘surplise’.
‘Honestly, this is the best Chinese I had in weeks’ he continued, adding as if anyone was yet to get the joke: ‘and it’s not a takeaway!’
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