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10/16/2019 8:12:28 AM

12 Foods You Didn`t Know Are Served by McDonald`s

You`ll be shock that these foods are served in other countries McDonald`s!


McDonald`s isn`t only about burgers and fries. Take a look at some unique menu items tailored by the McDonald`s franchise to appeal to certain local cultures around the world.

For example, you don`t need a beer of the month club with McDonald`s around! Beer is a standard item on the McDonald`s menu throughout many European nations including Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. It`s the perfect pairing for those salty fries, and customers can even purchase beer in three different sizes -- just like a soft drink! Now that`s odd, but not as odd as the next menu item on the list.

mcdonald s menu around the world

Gracoro Burger 

Japan`s take on the classic croquette is a bizzare mix of menu items that come together to form the Gracoro Burger. One of the craziest hamburger recipes ever includes a fried macaroni and cheese paddie filled with shrimp, cabbagem white sauce, and bread crumbs, all topped off with a demi-glace sauce. Work up an appetite and see what`s next.

mcdonald s menu around the world


Hailing from Canada, the McPoutin features classic McDonald`s fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Turns out it`s also available at Burger King with bacon or jalapeño peppers. The Canadians eat this stuff up, so why not? On to the next international menu item.

mcdonald s menu around the world

Ebi Filet-o 

Served in Hong Kong, the Ebi Filet-o features a deep fried shrimp patty with panko breadcrumbs, lettuce, and pickle relish. It`s available for ¥320 or roughly $4.

mcdonald s menu around the world

Gazpacho Soup

Direct from Spain, McDonald`s Gazpacho soup is tomato based with cucumber, celery, and onion. It`s served chilled with lemon juice and Tobasco sauce to flavor.

mcdonald s menu around the world


The McKebab from Isreal features a kebab served up on flatbread with pickles, lettuce, onion, and tomato. 100% Kosher, the McKebab is cooked over charcol and never fried.

mcdonald s menu around the world

Shake Shake fries 

McDonald`s Shake Shake Fries from Hong Kong are regular french fries with a twist. That is, you can add powdered flavoring, shake in a bag, and enjoy. Flavors include seaweed, french onion, and the standard salt and pepper.

mcdonald s menu around the world


This one comes from McDonald`s Mexico. It`s refried beans, salsa, and cheese served open face on a McDonald`s McMuffin. It may not seem like a breakfast item, but rest assured, it is.

mcdonald s menu around the world

Beef Fan-Tastic 

The word "fan" in Mandarin means rice, which is fitting for this McDonald`s Singapore special containing sliced beef, grilled onion, and cabbage between two toasted white rice patties.

mcdonald s menu around the world

McArabi Chicken 

Islamic law forbids the consumption of pork. So the McDonald`s franchise in Saudi Arabia introduced the McArabi Chicken — two grilled chicken patties with lettuce and tomato, garlic sauce, and Arabic bread.

mcdonald s menu around the world

Curry Pan 

Head to any McDonald`s throughout India and you`ll find the McCurry Pan — a rectangular bread bowl stuffed with chicken, cheese, bell pepper, oregano, basil, and thyme, all smothered in a savory tomato-curry sauce.

mcdonald s menu around the world

Sausage and Egg Twisty Pasta 

Found only in Hong Kong, the Sausage and Egg Twisty Pasta menu item features, well, Ssausage, egg, and twisty Pasta in a chiken-based broth. It`s only available for breakfast, so make sure you`re in before 10:30AM!

mcdonald s menu around the world

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