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10/16/2018 8:31:55 AM

This is Horrifying In A Way You`ll Never Expect...

There’s something about a good horror movie or book that grips you throughout the entire thing, then leaves you with several sleepless nights. But what happens when writers try to limit their horror story to two sentences or less? Surprisingly – or horrifyingly – they succeed. And there goes my sleep.

I’m NEVER doing any of this ever again.

1. Never entering a dark house again.

2. Never looking in the mirror again.

3. Never listening to mom again.

4. Never losing an arm again.

5. Never breathing again.

6. Never dying again.

7. Never checking on my son again.

8. Never visiting a cemetery again.

9. Never driving in an icy lake again.

10. Never doing ANYTHING again. EVER.

11. No. Just no.

12. And I`m out.

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