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7/10/2020 6:21:27 AM

A simple and genius way to maintain personal space in a crowd (if you don’t care about your look) (8 pics)

If you’re in a bad or even just a solitary mood and yet you still have to go out into a busy place, why not turn your prickly attitude into a literal prickliness that is bound to keep people at a distance? If that sounds good, and you have basically no interest in being fashionable, then read on..

Spiky vest   01

In a workshop at the National University of Singapore, German designer Werner Aisslinger asked his students to think of a common problem and then solve it with a tool that could be made out of commonly available items. They were given a half day to come with their idea, find the materials, and make a prototype.
Designer Siew Ming Cheng chose to solve the problem of having no personal space while riding the subway during rush hour. Her solution? A spiky vest…

Spiky vest   04

And the best part — per the assignment — is that you can make your own. It just requires spiky plastic strips (the kind used to keep critters off the tops of fences) and a few zip ties…

Spiky vest   05

To make your own, attach two strips like so…
Spiky vest   06

Spiky vest   07

Add a third strip perpendicularly, and you have half your vest…

Spiky vest   08

Then attach the two halves in front and back with a couple more ties…

Spiky vest   02

And, voila, personal space built right into your outfit.

Spiky vest   03

Via LaughingSquid.com
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