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11/17/2018 9:36:01 AM

Exams after holiday, too lazy to learn? Here are some best tricks to cheat in exams! (12 pics)

Write on your water bottle

Best Tricks To Cheat In Exams! (18 images)

Write on yout wrist

2. Write on Your Wrist

Graphing a calculator archive

3. Graphing Calculator Archive

Band aid

5. Band Aid

Erasable evidence

7. Erasable Evidence

Ace up your sleeve

11. Ace Up Your Sleeve

Hide notes in a pen

13. Hide Notes in a Pen

Under the table material

15. Under the table material

Use your identity card

17. Use your identity card

Use stationary

18. Use stationary

Kleenex Cheat  Sheet

4. Kleenex Cheat Sheet

Tape Caper

6. Tape Caper

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