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9/22/2019 7:11:33 PM

High Class Christian Dior made from Crocodile Skin


If money is not a problem with you and you simply must have the very best watch, handbag, shoes and mobile phone…then feast your eyes on this high-profile puppy. Christian Dior Cell Phone 


Apparently, the research and development cost for this mobile phone was not cheap and ModeLabs itself need several million Euros to make it live.  This Dior handset will be available into two versions: the first is the high-end model which comes with a crocodile skin and about 640 Swarovski crystals that equal to 3.251 carats. Holy cow , only millionaires needs it



If you were to invest in such a handset, it will set you back $28,360 of your hard-earned/Daddy’s money. Specifications on the “lower end” model are available as yet, but that will cost at $5,000. However, it is known that both variants will come with 2 MP camera and 2.6inch touchscreen display. Puts the Motorola Aura to shame somewhat. A full range of pics can be seen here.



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