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7/12/2020 2:59:58 PM

Jennifer Lawrence Photo Bombed Taylor Swift At The Golden Globes Becomes Internet Trolls (21 pics)

Sunday, January 12, was the night of the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Aside from hilarious digs, high profile celebs getting too wasted and a couple of censored speeches, one of the highlights from the night happened before the show even took place.
While interviewing Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest suffered from an unbelievable photobomb courtesy of the always loveable, Jennifer Lawrence.

This is where it all started

jennifer lawrence s funny face at golden globe goes back in time to photobomb iconic moments throughout history

jenniferLawrence golden globes dior

JL photo bomb 5
Marilyn Monroe’s “The Seven Year Itch” photo shoot

JL photo bomb 6
Jesus’ last supper

JL photo bomb 3
When Muhammad Ali knocked out Sonny Liston

JL photo bomb 2
One of Hitler’s speeches

JL photo bomb
The famous V-J Day, Times Square kiss

JL photo bomb 7
The final scenes of “Titanic”

JL photo bomb 8
The Tiananmen Square protests

JL photo bomb 9
When the Mighty Ducks won the Junior Goodwill games

JL photo bomb 10
The broadcasting of the “Hunger Games”

JL photo bomb 13
The infamous “Red Wedding” scene

JL photo bomb 12
When Washington crossed the Delaware

JL photo bomb 11
At the death of Socrates

JL photo bomb 15
Kanye’s creepy music video

JL photo bomb 14
The iconic “I’m So Excited” scene from “Saved By The Bell”

JL photo bomb (2)
When JFK delivered his speech in Berlin

JL photo bomb 18
When Hulk Hogan won the Championship at WrestleMania 9

JL photo bomb 19
When she found out Darth Vader was actually her father

JL photo bomb 17
The Obama family picture

JL photo bomb 16
The moon landing
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