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10/14/2019 8:55:10 AM

Artist with no Pain threshold Stitches family portraits on his Palm

When it comes to their loved ones, most people are content to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

But one Spanish artist has taken the expression a step further by stitching portraits of his family, friends and girlfriend into the palms of his hands.

Artist David Cata, 21, uses his body as a canvas for his project Overexposed Emotions which illustrates how much the members of his family, including his girlfriend, Tamara, are woven into his life.

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Each eye-watering artwork takes about four hours to complete, after which David, a music student and artist, films himself picking the stitches out of his hands.

Using a needle he very carefully pierces the top layer of his skin before drawing the thread through to create a stitch.

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each picture like this   david aunt takes four hours produce using n

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  completing each picture david picks needlework out hand before s

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