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12/9/2018 8:11:01 PM

Adorable pictures of animals acting human will make your day! (38 pics)

Have you ever stared longingly at your animal friends and thought, “Gee whiz. What an awesome life”? It must be nice to live in a world free from work and responsibilities, where licking your butt is a perfectly acceptable way to spend an afternoon.
But you have to admit, there are some pretty awesome perks to being a person, like driving and wearing hats! In fact, I think it’s safe to say that there’s a little envy from the side of the animal kingdom as well. Just check out these images of animals acting human.

First off, hi there.
human animals05

How about a kiss?
human animals27

Got my b*tch in the back.
human animals26

“Would you like to hold her?”
human animals24

“Dude, get off me!”
human animals22

It’s great riding piggyback.
human animals23

A family gathering
human animals21

Holding hands
human animals02

Let’s be friends!”
human animals01

C’mere for a hug.
human animals20

Time to change the bulb
human animals19

Careful, soda makes you fat.
human animals18

human animals17

Four-wheelin’ it!
human animals16

Pervy old man alert!
human animals15

Somebody needs a rest.
human animals14

Though I’d honestly opt for the couch in that case.
human animals28

That right there is a classic comb-over.
human animals12

“I think you need a hug.”
human animals11

“Just a little off the top, but watch the ears!”
human animals10

Let me guess, she turned you down…
human animals09

Paws on the wall and legs apart!
human animals06

“I surrender!”
human animals04

Shower time!
human animals46

Surf’s up!
human animals45

Let a bear do his business in private, won’t you?!
human animals44

Nothing beats fresh towels.
human animals42

Shall we dance?
human animals41

“Dear God, please give me more bacon.”
human animals38

Always buckle up!
human animals48

human animals32

I see who wears the pants in this relationship.
human animals30

Pervert alert!
human animals29

A gamer lifestyle
human animals47

Even dogs need dental work.
human animals43

human animals40

French kissing
asian town

And one final hi-five!
human animals08
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