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8/25/2019 6:51:39 PM

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover to prank people at Gym

Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover to prank people at Gold`s Gym.

Fitness seekers at a Venice, Calif., gym got a little help on their workout from a bizarre trainer named Howard Klein — who actually happened to be Arnold Schwarzenegger undercover.

Schwarzenegger (left) barely looks like himself with a thick, dark mustache and ponytail.

At least one woman recognized Schwarzenegger, saying he looked familiar to her. ‘Maybe you`ve seen me on an FBI Most Wanted list,’ the Governator responded. Charming.

The "Terminator" star, 66, donned a fake black mustache and ponytail and put on a Gold`s Gym uniform to make a funny video, all to raise awareness and money for the nationwide After-School All-Stars program.

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