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7/2/2020 4:42:49 PM

Argentine super hot model shows off incredible freestyle football skills in massive high heels! (11 pics)

Super model Fiorella Castillo, a 24-year old model, actress and producer with a knack for football, flaunted her ball skills in Mar del Plata in Argentina on Sunday. Impressively pulling-off a range of kick-ups and other manoeuvres while sporting high heels Castillo attracted the attention of passers-by, a number of whom stopped to have photographs taken with her.

More pictures of Fiorella Castillo

FiorellaCastillo 01

FiorellaCastillo 02

FiorellaCastillo 03

FiorellaCastillo 04

FiorellaCastillo 05

FiorellaCastillo 06

FiorellaCastillo 07

FiorellaCastillo 08

FiorellaCastillo 09

FiorellaCastillo 10

FiorellaCastillo 11
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