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9/22/2019 7:04:25 PM

Generous Redditors Help Homeless IT guy in Baltimore

Reddit user democritus2 is an IT guy with 15+ years of experience.He’s also currently homeless in Baltimore.
Democritus2 took to Reddit to see if his fellow users could show some compassion and help him out in a post titled “Offering Linux help, expertise for blankets, food or even money. Homeless almost hopeless.” Here is his original heartbreaking and poignant plea:

homeless IT redditor 01

Depression, lost unemployment insurance, living in an abandoned building, lacking resources to better his situation — it’s a laundry list of horrible things that could happen to a person. But democritus2 is offering his computer skills as payment for any items people might be able to spare, and Redditors are responding in droves to not only donate goods, but donate money.
The first user to respond offered him a device that would help him connect to the internet.

reddit homeless 3

According to their conversation, the man was able to successfully track down democritus2 after he provided his specific location via private message.

reddit homeless 4

After that initial exchange, offers of electronics, food and money started rolling in, starting with one user who said, “Set this man up a Google Wallet and I’ll throw 20 bucks in it.” Numerous people from Toronto to Australia echoed the desire to want to contribute funds, and are calling for someone to set up a place for them to donate.

Others offered tips, like where to get free WiFi around the city, places where they’ll let you sit and use facilities, and services for homeless people with mental illness. One user pointed him to Sharp Dressed Man, a Baltimore-based organization that provides homeless men and women with appropriate work attire and career services.

Democritus2 was so overwhelmed by the response that he posted an update to his original post, thanking respondents for their generosity and specifying the types of items that would be most helpful.

homeless IT redditor 02

It’s always nice to see that the power of internet can be harnessed and used for incredibly worthy causes, and that within the world wide web there actually lies a beating a heart.
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