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9/23/2019 8:44:18 PM

Asian Mafia Murder Prank

An innocent bystander gets duped into trusting two guys and taking a ride to Fullerton, only to find out that they`re bad guys who have to "take care of some business". The victim of the prank`s reaction are amazing.

JoshPalerLin: "This was one of the hardest and craziest pranks that I`ve done... took us two weeks of planning and getting everything together. Most of the people wouldn`t get into the car in the first place.... it literally took us two weekends to finally get this crazy footage.
FYI: We put the passenger seat on child lock in case they want to escape, which he actually did... We took Josh to a nice restaurant afterwards. He said he will NEVER jump in to a stranger`s car EVER again lol"

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