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2/16/2019 2:09:25 AM

Christmas Coke Bombs - Eepybird's experiment

Everybody knows Cola, 8 out of 10 consume it. But this year, the Coca Cola has released out a new shape of Coke. It looks great to be the Coke bomb, get the Mentos. It will be even greater if there’s Diet version.


Coke and mentos


 And why is the Coke and the Mentos,  I dont know if you guys know about trick, watch the experiments. 251 bottles of Diet Coke and 1506 Mentos mints. Guys at Eepybird created one giant coke and mentos chain reaction. Though wasting a lot of Cokes and Mentos, but it is really cool, what`s a showbiz!

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