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7/21/2019 9:44:41 PM

Hero of Sparta for the iphone & mobile- By gameloft


The iPhone has set it sights on becoming a decent little gaming platform,  and one of the most exciting games en route is Hero Of Sparta which launches next week.

The youtube video  is the very slick official trailer, which makes your mouth water, even though it`s pre-rendered video and not gameplay, but the screenshots on the next page make it look like the iPhone is going to get it`s own God Of War.

Like God of War it`s a 3rd person game. This time your hero wakes up on a beach with no memory, a bad headache and a desire to let his shield and sword do the talking with a mass of mythological creatures. There is full 3D movement and combat - no side-scrolling here.

A virtual analogue stick lives at the bottom left of the screen and there are 2 buttons on the bottom right for attacking and defending.




There`s also an array of weapons to choose from and developer Gameloft says that you can perform combos for `devastating` finishing moves.

Gameloft adds:

"Take up the maddest challenge in this mythic full-3D adventure and let it bring you from the depths of the Underworld to the summit of Olympus. Be prepared for hours of gaming and visual enjoyment, and fight the most phenomenal mythical creatures in majectic [sic] 3D environments."


hero of sparta1.jpg


hero of sparta2.jpg

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