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12/9/2019 1:27:37 PM

Suzy (Miss A) suffered Wardrobe Malfunction at Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards (5 pics)

suzy missA wardrobe 01  s8sm

suzy missA wardrobe 02  s8sn

suzy missA wardrobe 03

Miss A`s Suzy has become one of the hottest trending topics on social media due to a small incident on the 3rd Gaon Chart KPop Awards.

miss A performed their hit song Hush on the show and Suzy encountered some problems with her outfit during their performance. She was seen continuously holding the back of her dress, despite the incident she showed professionalism and completed the entire performance.

She then received praises from fans worldwide and became a trending topic on Twitter.
Check out miss A`s performance below

suzy missA wardrobe 04

suzy missA wardrobe 05

Miss A`s Suzy shows professionalism despite wardrobe malfunction

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