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5/19/2019 7:02:23 PM

Justin Bieber Is So Gay, All Day, In Every Viral Way In This Kiss Photo (3 pics)

Justin Bieber Is So Gay All Day In Every Way In This Photo Except Hes Not

A photo which shows a gay — so gay you can see his gayness from space — `Justin Bieber` kissing another man in a vest with bulging biceps and a butch buzz went viral on the Internet yesterday, because of course it did.

But..but...the thing is, this isn`t REALLY the Biebs! It`s an adorable fan look-alike named Rob Miller (who, yes, is gay). He sure does resemble like the "Baby" singer though, doesn`t he?
Miller posted this photo kissing his boyfriend back in August 2013 with the caption, "My boy."

justinbieber kiss

robmiller gay kiss
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