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10/19/2018 10:39:02 PM

8 selfies you must absolutely NEVER TAKE (8 pics)

1. The funeral selfie: It`s really too bad all her makeup got cried off, because the whole point of funerals is to take the attention away from the deceased person and focus on how you look.


2. The driving selfie: What`s worse? Taking a selfie while driving or texting while driving? Hahaha...you`re probably gonna die.

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3. Or tempting fate even further with the selfie in front of someone else`s car accident. Hahaha, that could have been you!

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4. The selfie that shows your teacher having contractions: When this guy saw his teacher going into labor, he had the presence of mind to hop up and get help take a selfie.

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5. The bloody selfie: Kevin Rudd, an Australian politician, is no stranger to selfies. Seriously though, did we need to know that you suck at shaving?

6. The hallowed ground selfie: Get it? This guy is at the site of the world`s worst radioactive disaster, where an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant caused a chemical fire that burned for more than ten days. A quarter of a million people lost their homes, thousands ultimately died and countless Ukrainians are still feeling residual health effects of the massive meltdown.

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7. The selfie in front of a homeless person: Because nothing says you appreciate your privileged life like taking a picture in front of someone sleeping on the ground. He even threw up the deuces...

selfie with homeless people 20

8. The "look at this guy in the bathroom" selfie: We were gonna complain about how privacy has been completely destroyed by the selfie, but this is just hilarious.

avoid selfie asian town  s8kv
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