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12/19/2018 4:17:41 AM

Way to keep your younger boy! Mariah Carey in candy bra lured Nick Cannon home on V-Day (5 pics)

Valentine’s Day was extra sweet for Mariah Carey. The festive diva celebrated the romantic holiday with her sweetheart Nick Cannon, a glass of champagne, and one edible bra.
Covered in glitter and modeling a bra made entirely out of heart-shaped candies, Mariah lay in a bathtub filled with pink balloons as she waited for her husband to arrive from New Orleans.

“Champagne, bubbles + candy and no Valentine yet…” tweeted Mimi, who shared the sexy pics with her Lambs.

mariah carey candybra 01

mariah carey candybra 012
“Still waiting…”

mariah carey candybra 013
“Waiting for my Valentine…”

mariah carey candybra  s42s jpg
“My funny Valentine has arrived! #YoureMineEternal I love you @NickCannon.”

mariah carey candybra 014
He looks happy. Bet he couldn’t get home fast enough.
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