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5/23/2019 9:37:18 AM

Some of the Incredible and Stunning Photos of the World`s First Snapshots Taken by a Modern-Style Camera!

These images are some of the first snapshots taken by a modern-style camera.  The photos are stunning, and the scenes they contain will take you to another world.

These photos were taken with the Kodak No. 1, the first modern camera ever used.

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Invented in 1888, this camera was a portable leather box with a roll of film inside, closely resembling the film cameras of the present.

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These cameras revolutionized the way people viewed photography.

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No longer were cameras bulky and stationary. Now they were portable and spontaneous, and snapshots could be taken.

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Snapshots that captured the world around them, like this beach photographer.

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Everyday scenes were turned into stunning images.

Some scenes were more ordinary than others. In this photo you can see the White House in the background!

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To take a photo, all the photographer had to do was point the camera at their subject and trip the shutter.

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The spontaneity and simplicity are truly stunning.

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When the 100 images available in the camera were used up, the whole contraption was shipped to Kodak to have the photos developed.

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Though different from how we make photos now, the spirit of the images are the same...

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Everyday life turned into something amazing.

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And amazing, they are.

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