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6/2/2020 3:48:23 AM

A touching 265 days journey of a Chinese woman (17 pics)

Chinese photographer Wei Yao shoots intimate photo diary of wife`s pregnancy with twins!

265days pregnancy 01

For years people have been recording their pregnancy, whether with a handwritten diary, a tape measure to mark the baby bump, or photographs, but loving husband and astute photographer Wei Yao recently recorded his wife`s twin pregnancy like no one ever has before.
The photo diary was recently released and shows his beautiful wife, Ju, carrying their twins for 265 days (about 8.7 months). The babies were born healthy just before Valentine`s Day.
Check out the amazing, intinmate shots of every major moment in Ju`s pregnancy.

Positive pregnancy test 30 days in:

265days pregnancy 02

On Day 38, Ju shows an ultrasound of two babies!
265days pregnancy 03

On Day 47, morning sickness:
265days pregnancy 04

Ju thinking about the babies on Day 54:
265days pregnancy 05

Checking out her belly on Day 65:
265days pregnancy 06

Pretending a stuffed animal is her baby on Day 122:
265days pregnancy 07

A little downward facing iPad on Day 135:
265days pregnancy 08

Putting calamine lotion on her stomach on Day 139:
265days pregnancy 09

Sporting the baby bump in the shower on Day 154:
265days pregnancy 10

Future parents reading to the babies on Day 198:
265days pregnancy 11

Celebrating Day 200:
265days pregnancy 12

Not really happy on Day 240:
265days pregnancy 13

Eating some late-night cookies on Day 243:
265days pregnancy 14

Almost fully loaded on Day 258:
265days pregnancy 15

They`re here on Day 265!!
265days pregnancy 16

And the payoff!
265days pregnancy 17

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