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8/13/2020 5:17:23 AM

The Top 10 Sexiest Women of the 2014 Sochi Olympics (19 pics)

Sexy Olympians

It is safe to say more guys will be watching figure skating and ice dancing after this countdown. Gentlemen, this is for you!

10. Lolo Jones- Team USA (Bobsleigh)

Whether she is competing in the summer or winter Olympics, Jones always seems to catch everyone’s eye.
sexiest sochi olympics 01

sexiest sochi olympics 01 1

9. Dufour-Lapointe Sisters – Chloe and Justine – Team Canada (Freestyle Skiing)

It’s a two for one deal with the Dufour-Lapointe sisters, who took the gold and silver medals in freestyle skiing.

sexiest sochi olympics 02

8. Julia Mancuso- Team USA (Alpine Skiing)

Mancuso’s Olympic medal count has risen to four after Sochi, making her Olympic champion hot!

sexiest sochi olympics 03

sexiest sochi olympics 03 1

7. Sarah Hendrickson- Team USA (Ski Jumping)

Hendrickson did not win a medal in Sochi but she did leave her mark, being the first female ski jumper in Olympic history.
sexiest sochi olympics 04

6. Ashley Wagner- Team USA (Figure Skating)

Wagner almost did not make it to Sochi due to her 4th place finish at US Nationals however not only did she prove she deserved a spot on the Olympic team but also a spot on our countdown.

sexiest sochi olympics 05

5. Torah Bright- Team Australia (Snowboarding)

Bright is the queen of snowboarding with a little bit of a rebellious edge.

sexiest sochi olympics 06

sexiest sochi olympics 06 1

4. Gracie Gold – Team USA (Figure Skating)

America’s sweetheart is winning fans all over the world with her beautiful smile. Most recently she has gained the support of pop star Taylor Swift.

sexiest sochi olympics 07

sexiest sochi olympics 07 1

sexiest sochi olympics 07 2

3. Tessa Virtue- Team Canada (Ice Dancing)

Virtue is the other half to ice dancing’s hottest couple and slightly resembles Katy Perry.

sexiest sochi olympics 08

sexiest sochi olympics 08 1

2. Silje Norendal- Team Norway (Slopestyle Snowboarding)

With her blond hair and blue eyes, Norendal is like a real life snowboarding barbie.

sexiest sochi olympics 09

1. Elena Ilinykh- Team Russia (Ice Dancing)

If you watched the ice dancing competition this week, you might have thought your eyes were playing a trick on you while watching Ilinykh compete. The Russian beauty skated to Black Swan and we couldn’t help but think how much she looked like Mila Kunis. The brunette earned the number one spot on our countdown with her natural beauty.

sexiest sochi olympics 10

sexiest sochi olympics 11

sexiest sochi olympics 12
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