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11/15/2019 3:42:36 AM

The most incredible X-rays in the world ever - pictures

Human cause problem and they heal it themselves. The collection of the most amazing X-ray pictures below gonna show you how fearful human being suffer. These includes the odd circumstances of a child`s eye and brain perforated by car keys, a dog with a seven inch blade in his belly and a man whose eye was speared by a chair leg etc.

Enjoy rubbernecking and gawping at these incredible X-ray pictures - devoid of any heave-inducing gore - comfortable in the knowledge that none of the subjects in the pictures died as a result of their bizarre injuries.

This chap had a lucky escape when he was shot at close range - his NOSE stopped the bullet dead, and he lived


This horrendous x-ray shows a five-inch blade sticking out of the forehead of a 16-year-old stabbing victim. The lad cheated death and his attacker was jailed


Amazing X-rays 

Construction worker Isidro Mejia needed life-saving surgery after an accident with a nail gun saw him end up with SIX nails embedded in his skull


Amazing X-rays

Aussie Pat Skinner spent 18 months with stomach pain after undergoing a routine operation and when doctors took a closer look at the problem they found a pair of SCISSORS
Amazing X-rays
Building site worker Ron Hull fell off a ladder and landed on an 18-inch drill bit that went into his eye socket and through his head. He lost an eye but survived
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