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11/18/2018 8:45:04 AM

Son Surprises Mother With A Random Visit. What They Do After Makes My Mouth Drool. (5 pics)

There is no doubt that mothers are truly special individuals. They do so much for their children, and make us into who we become as adults. And then, when we’re adults all we want to do is reward them for all they have done for us. Those moments are priceless to say the least.

My mother wanted a birthday BLT, so I surprised her by showing up from Florida to Michigan. She had no idea.


Needless to say my Mom was a little shocked to see me.


So my Mom got her wish of a BLT. We drove a few hours across state to Tony’s on I-75. These things were monsters. 1 pound of bacon AFTER being cooked.


I was pretty optimistic going into it.


After the destruction of my stomach.


I would do anything for this Lady.

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