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11/17/2018 1:07:33 AM

A Disturbing Final Interview with America`s Infamous Serial Killer

ted bundy

Looks can be deceiving, there’s never been a better example than in the case of Ted Bundy….

To some he was an attractive, charismatic and personable young man, to others he was America’s most notorious serial killer, rapist, kidnapper and necrophile.

Moments before his execution in the electric chair in Florida State Prison in 1989, he confessed to committing 30 individual murders, although police and authorities maintain this is possibly much higher.

Those 30 deaths occurred in a 4 year period between 1974 and 1978. If that wasn’t terrifying enough, he decapitated 12 of those victims, keeping their severed heads in his freezer at home as mementos.

ted bundy victims

He dramatically escaped prison not once, but twice. And whilst on the run as a fugitive, committed more grizzly murders, deaths that genuinely could have prevented if the authorities has been more vigilant in watching his movements.

Below is a disturbing interview Ted Bundy conducted hours before he was sent to meet his maker in the electric chair. His interviewer is James Dobson, the founder of Focus on the Family – which at the time was a group campaigning to prove the negative effect pornography was having on society. Consenting adults having sex were apparently turning upstanding moral citizens into wayward degenerates and vicious killers like Bundy.

Bundy was aware of Dobson’s background and ulterior motives during the interview and thus conveniently blames his evil actions on pornographic material. The truth is that Bundy had an extremely harrowing childhood. His alleged father Samuel Cowell, was a ferociously evil influence during his formative years. Cowell was a well-known racist, would erupt into bursts of unbridled aggression and would frequently beat his wife and the family pets.

Hardly the upstanding role model a child can look up to.

It goes some way into explaining the monster that Bundy became. Despite his demeanor, make no mistake he intentionally stalked, bound, tortured, beat, suffocated, sliced, raped and slowly killed his victims before having intercourse with their splayed corpses.

As his defense attorney Polly Nelson famously once said “Ted was the very definition of heartless evil.”

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