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9/23/2019 12:07:36 PM

16 Glorious Reasons You Should Be Singing Right Now!

1. Singing makes your brain release endorphins, a hormone associated with feelings of pleasure which make you happier and energized.
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2. Doctors believe that singing improves heart rate visibility, which reduces the risk of heart disease.
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3. Singing improves your posture and as a result, you’ll look more confident.

4. Feelings of safety and confidence increase when you sing as part of a group.
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5. Singing is a good workout. You’ll exercise your lungs, improve circulation and tone your abdominal and intercostal muscles.
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6. Beat the flu with a song. Singing has been proven to boost your immune system and open your sinuses and respiratory system.
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7. Singing releases oxytocin, a natural stress reliever that has been found to alleviate depression and loneliness.
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8. Mental awareness, concentration and memory are all improved by singing.
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9. Lung cancer patients who sing on a regular basis have an easier time coping with the disease.
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10. Breaking out in a tune can help you live longer in general.
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11. After getting a group of non-singers to sing on a regular basis, 50% of people benefited spiritually, 58% felt physically fitter, 75% felt emotionally better off and 87% felt more social.

12. Singing certain notes can benefit you in different ways. Singing a short-a sound can help banish the blues. Making a long-e sound can boost alertness by stimulating your biological clock.
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13. Singing the short-e sound can help you control digestion. Making a long-o sound stimulates the pancreas and regulates blood sugar.
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14. The double-o sound will help to strengthen immunity by controlling the spleen.
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15. Singing can increases poise, self-esteem and presentation skills as well as broaden expressive communication.
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16. Being part of a choir can be as physically, mentally and spiritually as good for you as yoga. Choirs often synchronise their heartbeat into one, with the songs tempo as a guide, suggesting that it could also strengthen the heart.
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