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12/11/2019 11:16:36 AM

This Thai girl has undergone 5 plastic surgeries, needless to say it`s pretty worth it! (12 pics)

27 years-old Nonthaporn Teerawatanasuk (aka Yae) becomes famous in Thailand not only because of her beauty but also the record of her plastic surgeries. However Yae doesn`t hide anything, she writes on her blogs about what she has used/done including 5 times plastic surgeries to gain such a pretty face and body. Yae becomes popular model and actress and is voted `the queen of plastic surgery` in Thailand.


NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 01


NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 02

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 03

Use plastic surgery to have dimples

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 04

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 05

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 06

Before and after breast implant

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 07

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 08

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 09.png

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 10

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 11

NonthapornTeerawatanasuk 12
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