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12/13/2018 12:06:02 AM

Friends Leave Gigantic Paper Mache Penis For Roommate Who Went On Spring Break (10 pics)

Reddit user benlew posted a series of images of his friends pranking his roommate by building what looks to be a six foot penis that they then left for him to find upon his return from Spring Break. While most of us would have probably gone to Puerto Vallarta, Miami, or home to hook up with girls in high school, these guys chose the paper mache erection route.
Sure, it wouldn’t have been my choice, but you gotta give these guys credit for the effort and creativity.

First they assembled the chicken wire into a penile formation…


Then it was time to build the shaft…

Here they are gently paper mache-ing the balls…

Erection team, assemble!

Slowly making their way up to the tip…

Paper mache job complete!

Now it’s time to paint the balls…

Add the curly pubic hairs for extra detail….

And voila, you have a gigantic paper mache penis!

And here’s the roommate awkwardly lying next to it when he came home…

At least this guy has a chick in his bed with him!
Moral of the story, make plans next year for Spring Break.
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