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10/16/2018 9:26:23 PM

16 people passed out in public to help you celebrate National Napping Day!

Today is National Napping, according to the official site, National Napping Day (NND) is an opportunity to adjust after changes to daylight savings when losing an hour of sleep due to “springing forward.” To celebrate the holiday that nobody besides kindergarten classes and nursing homes are observing, we decided to put some of our favorite passed out images from the web together for your enjoyment.

Our favorite pizza face…

Chlorophyll, more like borophyll…
tumblr m02w91l07R1rqbmkxo1 500

Someone clogged the toilet!

Last call!
tumblr mcfsm5zHfB1ro25z7o1 500

Hunting For Dummies 101
slide 6274 90087 large

What happens when you get put on hold for too long…
slide 6274 90398 large

Some come here to sit and crap, I come here to shit and nap
unnamed 1

Now THIS is planking…
slide 6274 83167 large

Long day at work…
slide 6274 87367 large

All of this shopping is making me tired…
slide 6274 90387 large

How every electronic concert ends…
tumblr mn46hrHaut1qc1947o1 400

Umm… this guy might actually just be dead.
tumblr moy9z5lM3n1ro25z7o1 500

What happens in Vegas, naps in Vegas…
tumblr mp8y4rmoJq1ro25z7o1 500

Midrif-ting off to sleep…. (also looks like my balls, butt or boobs)
tumblr mbbqt6FtEP1qc1947o1 400

And…. I just vomited.

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