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7/16/2019 9:00:51 AM

Dad of the year! Devoted father walks 20 miles a day carrying his son to the only school that will take him in China (4 pics)

Yu Xukang is a single father in China’s Sichuan province. He has taken care of his son alone since the boy was three. This would be impressive enough in a normal situation, but in addition to the difficulties of single parenthood, Yu’s son is disabled with a hunch in his back and twisted arms and legs.

Despite his physical disabilities, the 12-year-old’s mind is as sharp as anyone’s, and yet he couldn’t get a place in school.

Yu explains: "I know that my son is physically disabled but there is nothing wrong with his mind. However, I couldn’t find any school here with the facilities to accept him and he was constantly rejected. In fact the only place where I could get a place for him was at the Fengxi Primary School in Fengyi township in Yibin county in Sichuan province — which is a five-mile walk away."

Dad carries son to school

dad carries son to school  sz4m jpg

With the only option five miles away and no transportation available, Yu knew what he had to do — carry his boy to school…and then walk back for work…and then walk back after school…and then carry his son home again. Every day, 20 miles.

Dad carries son to school2

Dad carries son to school3

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