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12/11/2018 12:52:20 AM

The Worlds Most Outrageously Expensive Treasures 2008

The following article contains the most expensive items in the world today. It ranges from TV’s to Gameboys and is sure to blow your socks off. I hope you enjoy. Let`s check out the world`s most expensive TV



This is the worlds most expensive TV and has the staggering price tag of $130,000 dollars. This YALOS Diamond LCD TV is well worth its price tag due to all of its brilliant features. The features include 160 diamonds that total up to at least 20 karats, extraordinary brightness, a great contrast ratio, a great response, and unbelievable pixel resolution.  This thing also happens to be plated in white gold. So, any of you got this TV?

The next one is the world`s most expensive phone



GoldVish Luxury Communications of Geneva sold this phone for the huge price of 1.3 million dollars. This phone, nicknamed Le Million, is covered with 18 karat gold surrounded by 1,800 diamonds with a total of more than 120 karats. This one of a kind phone was purchased by a Russian man that gave it as a gift. hix..I wonder to whom did he give this phone to? must be a really nice girl !


Any of you heard about the world`s most expensive perfume?

This perfume is called Imperial Majesty and is the most expensive bottled perfume in the world. This bottle sells at the whopping price of $215,000 dollars and must smell, oh so good. Imperial Majesty is actually a limited edition signature scent of Clive Christian and sells for $2,150 dollars an ounce. In this case the bottle costs so much because a British designer poured 16 ounces of it into a crystal bottle covered with diamonds and an 18-carrot gold collar. This is one blinged out perfume bottle


The worlds most expensive gameboy, only for sons of rich parents

This out-of-date toy is the world’s most expensive Gameboy with a staggering price tag of $25,000 dollars. This limited edition Gameboy was created by Aspreys of London and is made out of 18 karat gold with a display screen surrounded with diamonds. I wonder what lucky kid got this toy from Santa? But maybe they dont even consider it real value!


The next one is the worlds most expensive pen

It was designed by Caran d’Ache in 1999. He designed this very extravagant and blinged out pen to show respect for a famous architect named Antoni Gaude who passed away in 1926. This pen, known as La Modernista Diamonds Fountain Pen, was sold to a Swiss company for a cool $265,000 dollars. The pen contains solid silver parts, a 18-karat gold tip, and is enveloped in 5,072 specially cut diamonds. This pen also contains 96 rubies which form an emblem on the pens cap top.


The worlds most expensive cup of tea

This is actually the world’s most expensive tea bag and has the gigantic price of $13,941 dollars. This special tea bag was created by PG Tips Tea Company to celebrate their 75th anniversary. It took three months to make and was entirely hand crafted with over 280 diamonds. I can’t wait to see how they celebrate their 100th anniversary, probably the worlds most expensive teapot ;)


The worlds most expensive water

This is Kona Nigari water and is the world’s most expensive water at $16.75 dollars an ounce. This water is packed with minerals and comes from the deep seas near Hawaii. The water has first been desalted of course. This water is not just meant to be drunk. You are instead supposed to dillute it with more regular water. This water is specially known for the healthy vitamins and minerals that come in each bottle.


The worlds most expensive fishing lure

That’s right, this is an iced-out fishing lure that is valued at 1 Million Dollars. This $1,000,000 fishing lure consists of three pounds of Platinum, Gold, Diamonds, and Rubies. This lure took months to create and was totally hand crafted. I am not sure who owns this lure now, but I hope he is bringing in some big fish.


Last but not least is the worlds most expensive skull, cost 90 million dolar

know you’re probably sitting in your chair googly-eyed and with your mouth hanging open, but trust me this skull is real. This 90 Million Dollar skull was created by the notorious artist Damien Hirst. This one-of-a-kind piece of art is titled “For the Love of God” and is the most costly piece of contemporary art ever made. This piece is encrusted with over 8,601 diamonds and has a total of 1,106.18 carats. It weighs 63 pounds and is made from a real skull and teeth. Artis Damien is not planning to sell this piece of art and created it with his own bank account, so what`s a rich man!  Now all he has to do is stick this skull on top of a cane and become the ultimate Puff Daddy.

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