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10/14/2019 1:41:36 AM

Beer ! can not lack of this holiday, choose the best one to open it

 ......This opener is a killer.  The bikini bottle opener features a beautiful "slightly clad" model on both the front and back sides of the blade. This opener is created with the new Kolorcoat™ process that decorates both sides, and the edges, of this stainless steel opener with full color artwork and really funny...  I choose this one and I`m gonna get it.

Look like a chain in a bicycle but it is an opener

A toy boy? not enough , looks how his legs work


Add a little style to your bartending technique. This handsome bottle opener ring is made of a very high-quality, durable zinc alloy, and is chrome plated. A great invention for the high paced bartender. No need to pull the opener from out of your pants pocket, its already there, ready to pop at lightning speed. Ring Opener performs best when worn on your middle finger. Available in all sizes ;)



Who gonna wear this slipper ? then also take it out to open your beer ! What`s a dirty



Oh that`s really convenient! 2 in 1




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