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10/24/2019 2:42:29 AM

Japanese HandMade Keyboard

Forget about the time we start to have the first computer and with a simple keyboard and it is made in only 1 color. But now the Japanese surprises us by weird and arty keyboards, various colors, natural abstracts. Here again new handmade keyboard with some art decorations. All of these keyboards are available in :

PC Interface: USB- PS/2

Dimentions: 308 x 127 x 21.5mm

Keyboard Layout: QWERTY US/JP

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista

Keyboard: 86, 19mm


KINGYO Handmade Keyboard hand made in blue color with golden fishes and  bubbles



USAGI Handmade Keyboard, little white rabbit walking on a flower field




NISHIKI Handmade Keyboard




WAZAKURA Handmade Keyboard, truly Japanese with peach flowers



ZIPANG Handmade Keyboard Gold Cover


KARAKUS Handmade Keyboard


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