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2/20/2019 4:14:22 AM

Justin Bieber VS. Tupac`s 1995 Deposition

?Mama`s don`t let your babies grow up to be youtube discovered popstars. And here we are again -- looking at what the Biebs is up to. No, his house isn`t being raided again, and no, he`s not back with Selena Gomez...I think. This time he`s being questioned in a deposition regarding a recent assault that was made on an undeserving(?) paparazzi cog.
Being inconveniently forced to face the legal preceding, Bieber`s attitude throughout was much like mine would be when my grandma would tell me to clean my room in the middle of a video gaming sesh. Annoyance and ignorant child-like behavior did abound.

Here`s a little more perspective of how an artist without social coddling handles the same situation.

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