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11/13/2019 10:51:49 AM

The Suicide Forest In Japan -The Deadliest Aokigahara

Now here would be the place to go for a bet. Spend a night in the suicide forest to win.

"The perfect place to die." That's how Aokigahara was described in Wataru Tsurumui's bestselling book The Complete Manual of Suicide. A dense, dark forest bordering Mt. Fuji, Aokigahara is infamous throughout Japan as a popular spot for those taking their final journey

Dang!!! it is creepy but it's Japan  ;))  now enjoy the pictures


 Aokigahara101008 jpg

79547025 f84f4e3f86 jpg 

aokigahara sign jpg

79547025 f84f4e3f86 jpg


ENTER THE FOREST....................................

Aokigahara forest of suicides 003 jpg

Aokigahara forest of suicides 006 jpg

Aokigahara forest of suicides 016 jpg

Aokigahara forest of suicides 017 jpg

Aokigahara forest of suicides 018 jpg

Aokigahara jukai JPG

aokigahara skalle jpg

aokigahara jpg

aokigahara 10 jpg

aokigahara 19 jpg

Aokigahara suicide forest 4 jpg

Aokigahara suicide forest 7 jpg

BIGsquelette aokigahara sb jpeg jpg

jukai jpg

japan forrest jpg

aokigahara 15 jpg

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