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10/21/2018 8:05:42 PM

Unbelievable Fishing Day !!

Ordinary Italian fisherman Roberto Godi caught an unbelievable catfish when he went fishing on the River Po at Mantova, northern Italy.


giantfishll003 jpg

This monster is 8.2 feet long. It weighs about 250 lbs. This gigantic catfish has become the largest freshwater fish caught in Europe. It took Roberto about 45 minutes to reel in the fish. The fisherman was lucky as the huge fish was trying to throw him into the water, but didn’t manage it as other fishermen helped to lift the beast on a weighing frame. After breaking the world record, Godi released the catfish back into the water safe and well.

lol if it was me, I would bring it home, cut it in peaces and make a fish BBQ with friends lol


giantfishll001 jpg

giantfishll002 jpg

giantfishll003 jpg

giantfishll004 jpg

giantfishll005 jpg

giantfishll006 jpg

giantfishll007 jpg

giantfishll008 jpg

giantfishll009 jpg

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