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10/19/2018 7:34:48 AM

Nice guy got a locked suitcase as a gift for helping someone out. What he found inside is priceless. WOW

A man who appears to have been helping some people move, was given a suitcase by the people he was helping. The owners of the suitcase gave it to him locked, and stated they did not know what was inside it. When the man brought home the suitcase, he successfully opened it. The contents of the suitcase were priceless…

surprisegift 01

surprisegift 02

Tons of vintage camera equipment with all original instruction manuals.

surprisegift 03
1967 Bolex H16 Reflex camera with 2 lenses. The only thing missing was one of the lens caps and possibly a tripod. Amazing condition too, barely a scratch.

surprisegift 04

Light finder

surprisegift 05

Kodak Pony 828

surprisegift 06

Nikon lens for a camera that wasn’t in the box

surprisegift 07

Side view of the lens

surprisegift 08
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