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3/21/2019 8:52:27 PM

Oooopsie! Lindsay Lohan Reveals More Names on her Celebrity Sex List!

oooopssie lindsay lohan reveals more name on her celbrity sex list
"Wait, there`s like a dozen people I`m forgetting."

Forget Lindsay, which all but a few of you, including Oprah, already have, because with the slow trickle of her past sexual partners being named in the last two issues, In Touch magazine may have inadvertently pitched a Lindsay Lohan reality show worth watching. It would be like The Bachelorette in reverse - instead of a bunch of guys competing for a chance to hook up with the star of the show, at the end of each week`s episode, Lindsay reveals the name of another famous person she`s already nailed. Kind of like a paparazzo did recently with Zac Efron, except with a dramatic half-hour build-up and better music.

Would that show be crappy and offensive? You bet. But it would be more entertaining and no more offensive than the current show chronicling Lindsay`s ongoing struggle to not be part of a television show. With today`s release of twelve more names (including big-timers like Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Phillippe and Benicio del Toro), that leaves only six dudes left sweating it out while planning a romantic getaway to Senegal and praying that Lindsay has forgotten about their hookup.

oooopssie lindsay lohan reveals more name on her celbrity sex list
"Guy Berryman, come on down!"

Oprah should just pay In Touch to keep quiet, have Lindsay shoot the dramatic reveals of the last six names and TADA! Hit show. You`ve got to figure that they`re saving a few A-list names for the big finish. The list is all over the place so it`s anyone`s guess at this point. Who could it be? DiCaprio? John Mayer? Bill Clinton?

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