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7/13/2020 6:45:06 PM

Celebrities First World Problems That We Wouldn`t Mind Having

There`s nothing more annoying than being unable to find obscure furnishings for your home.

Although ruined seaweed snacks are up there.

As are burnt pine nuts.

And also fat out of season flies.

Sometimes ignorant family members who don`t know their place can really ruin your day.

As can having to take your Mercedes to the garage.

And having a laptop with hardly any power.

20 Truly Upsetting Celebrity First World Problems

Although really, what`s worse than having actual stuff to do ?

Or facing up to distressing hair dilemmas?

20 Truly Upsetting Celebrity First World Problems

Or being plied with chocolate brownies?

And decaf coffee? JUST KILL US NOW.

Don`t even mention leaky hand sanitizer.

Or mosquitoes in the Maldives.

And having to yell at your personal limo chauffeur.

Then there are more hair dilemmas to contend with.

And FFS technology, why are you so stupid?

Because charging shit is so time consuming...

...And made all the more distressing by inappropriately placed sockets.

As for Nando`s, why are they deliberately depriving people of free chicken?

And why, when you source your obscure soft furnishings, are they always so disappointing?

20 Truly Upsetting Celebrity First World Problems

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