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5/26/2019 5:41:53 PM

We all have how we WANT the world to be. But then there is what it actually is! (24 pics)

The difference between what should be and what is where sadness comes from. Let’s laugh at it!

cake 01

Dancing at a club -- expectation

danceinclub 01.gif


danceinclub 02.gif

Expectation 20

Expectation 1

Expectation 1.png

Expectation 2

Expectation 3

Expectation 4

Expectation 6

Expectation 7

Expectation 8

Expectation 9

Expectation 10

Expectation 11

Expectation 12

Expectation 13

Expectation 16

Expectation 17

Expectation 18

Expectation 19

taco ads

The majestic dragon --What was expected.

skyrim 01.gif

What we got.
skyrim 02.gif
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