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10/17/2018 11:20:28 PM

Welcome to the FAB CITY! the heavenly place on earth of every male college students (15 pics). NSFW

A guy on Imgur posted these pictures on his blog and described it as a heaven place in the house.
After cutting out a few pictures from an issue of Maxim and posting them on the wall their first month in the house, their bathroom (known as `Fap City1) became increasingly plastered over the next two years until the walls became covered with women of all shapes and sizes (that’s a lie. It’s almost entirely models).
Featuring countless attractive women, a series of fake Bible verses and a few hidden secrets, it shows what you can do when you have way too much time and way too many magazines at your disposal.

Here are some of the highlights (slightly NSFW):

introducing fap city the most bro college bathroom in existence slightly nsfw  uu1m jpg

Welcome to Fap City:

FAB bathroom 01

A room with a view

FAB bathroom 02

Presenting “The Verses of Fap City,” Part One of Four

FAB bathroom 03

Part Two

FAB bathroom 04

Part Three

FAB bathroom 05

Part Four

FAB bathroom 06

Just in case it wasn’t sacrilegious enough:

FAB bathroom 07

Romney had binders full of women. Fap City has walls.

FAB bathroom 08

Faps on faps on faps

FAB bathroom 09

I’d definitely poop here

FAB bathroom 10

Maybe trying a little too hard…

FAB bathroom 11

But penguin sex absolves all sins

FAB bathroom 12

Look who’s hiding behind the toilet

FAB bathroom 13

A stash for gaybros. Fap City is known for being progressive.

FAB bathroom 14

No better way to finish than with Kate Upton in zero gravity

FAB bathroom 15

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